• October 31, 2023

V. Shivaprakash: Pioneering Influence in Karnataka’s Travel Industry with Hamsa Tours & Travels

V. Shivaprakash: Pioneering Influence in Karnataka’s Travel Industry with Hamsa Tours & Travels

In the vibrant landscape of Karnataka’s travel and tourism industry, one individual stands as an influential figure who has shaped the way people experience the world – V. Shivaprakash. His extraordinary journey recently reached its pinnacle when he was honored with the prestigious “Most Influential Personality of the Year” award at the celebrated Pride of Karnataka Award show, presented by Anyelp Groups. Today, we embark on a journey to explore the life, work, and the profound impact of V. Shivaprakash, the visionary leader behind ‘Hamsa Tours & Travels.’ His story is not just about travel; it’s about determination, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to transforming the way people explore and experience the world.

V.Shivaprakash’s journey in the travel industry began with a vision – to create a travel experience that transcends the ordinary. With boundless determination and an unwavering spirit, he set out to turn this vision into a reality. It all began with just one car and a small team, but the dream was grand.One of the pivotal milestones in V. Shivaprakash’s journey was making cultural treasures accessible to travelers. Nestled in the heart of Karnataka, Hamsa Tours and Travels, under his leadership, became a gateway to explore the region’s historical and cultural marvels. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi, is one of the prime examples of this accessibility. With the support of Malligi Hotel, V. Shivaprakash and his team made Hampi an alluring destination, making it easier for travelers to discover the riches of the past.

The success of Hamsa Tours & Travels didn’t stop at Hampi. Over the years, the agency expanded its horizons to cater to all major tourist places in South India. This expansion was not just about geographical reach; it was a testament to their commitment to offer travelers the best experiences across the region. With their services, travelers could explore the intricate temples of Tamil Nadu, the serene backwaters of Kerala, the breathtaking landscapes of Karnataka, and more.

One of the hallmarks of Hamsa Tours & Travels is the exceptional reputation it has earned. The agency is recognized for providing prompt and dedicated services, setting a high standard in the   industry. Their highly professional team takes immense pride and pleasure in serving travelers and ensuring their journeys are memorable.Hamsa Tours & Travels has achieved the status of Preferred Sub-agent (PSA) for reputable names in the travel industry, including Cox and Kings, SITA VRL, KSRTC, Akbar Online, and more. This recognition reflects the agency’s commitment to excellence and its ability to meet the diverse needs of travelers.Hamsa Tours & Travels’ presence extends to strategic travel desks at prestigious locations like Hotel Malligi Pvt Ltd, Hyatt Place Hampi, and Heritage Resort. These desks ensure that travelers receive personalized services and assistance, making their journeys even more convenient and enjoyable.

The agency doesn’t just cater to tourists; it also provides end-to-end travel solutions for major corporates in and around Bellary district. Their expertise in managing corporate travel needs has made them a trusted partner for businesses.The agency aims to further expand its reach and services to offer more diverse travel experiences.Embracing the latest travel technologies to streamline services and enhance the traveler’s experience.Hamsa Tours & Travels is committed to responsible and sustainable tourism, ensuring that the beauty of South India is preserved for generations to come.The agency envisions actively engaging with the local community and contributing to the socio-economic development of the region.

V.Shivaprakash’s journey from a visionary in the travel industry to the recipient of the “Most Influential Personality of the Year” award is a testament to his dedication, commitment to excellence, and transformative impact on the travel and tourism landscape in Karnataka. His contributions have not only elevated the travel experience but have also set a high standard for innovation and dedication in the industry. V. Shivaprakash’s recognition at the Pride of Karnataka Awards is well-deserved, and his work will continue to inspire excellence, innovation, and access to remarkable travel experiences, making him a true Pride of Karnataka. Congratulations to V. Shivaprakash and Hamsa Tours & Travels for their remarkable journey and enduring commitment to excellence.





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