• February 24, 2024

Numbers Do Wonders: A Collaborative Masterpiece by Sukhmminder Siingh and Jhhilmil M Shah, Numerologist, and Tarot Card Coach.

Numbers Do Wonders: A Collaborative Masterpiece by Sukhmminder Siingh and Jhhilmil M Shah, Numerologist, and Tarot Card Coach.

In the realm where numerology meets the mystical world of tarot, a groundbreaking book is set to make its mark. “Numbers Do Wonders,” co-authored by the esteemed Sukhmminder Siingh, a renowned Numerologist and Tarot Card Coach, promises to unravel the magic hidden within the numerical fabric of our lives. 

Embarking on a Dual Journey:

The collaboration between Sukhmminder Siingh and Jhhilmil M Shah in “Numbers Do Wonders” is a unique fusion of their expertise. Together, they guide readers on a dual journey, exploring the profound insights of numerology and the captivating symbolism of tarot cards. The result is a comprehensive and enlightening exploration of the wonders that numbers truly hold.

Sukhmminder Siingh’s Numerological Expertise:

As a distinguished Numerologist, Sukhmminder Siingh has dedicated years to decoding the secrets embedded in numbers. His intuitive understanding of numerology goes beyond the surface, delving into the deeper significance each digit carries in shaping destinies, revealing personality traits, and providing a roadmap for personal growth.

Tarot Card Wisdom by Sukhmminder SIingh:

Sukhmminder SIingh, an accomplished Tarot Card Coach, brings a wealth of knowledge to the collaboration. With a keen eye for symbolism and a profound understanding of the tarot, enriches “Numbers Do Wonders” with insights into the mystical world of cards. The fusion of numerology and tarot creates a harmonious narrative that promises readers a holistic understanding of the magic within numbers.

Exploring the Symbiosis:

“Numbers Do Wonders” not only explores the individual realms of numerology and tarot but also delves into the symbiotic relationship between the two. The co-authors intricately weave together narratives, unveiling how the energy of numbers resonates within the intricate imagery of tarot cards, providing a comprehensive tool for self-discovery and guidance.

The Vision of Sukhmminder Siingh:

Sukhmminder Siingh shared his vision for the book, stating, “Numbers are the universal language, and when combined with the rich symbolism of tarot, they offer profound insights into the tapestry of our lives. ‘Numbers Do Wonders’ is a journey of exploration, empowerment, and self-discovery.”

Book Launch Extravaganza:

The grand launch of “Numbers Do Wonders” was launched on 15th Feb 2024 at [ITO Trade Fair]. This event promises more than just a book release; it offers attendees the opportunity to engage with the co-authors, delve into the teachings within the book, and gain firsthand insights into the wonders that numbers and tarot hold.


“Numbers Do Wonders” stands as a testament to the collaborative brilliance of Sukhmminder Siingh and Jhhilmil M Shah. Readers can anticipate a transformative journey into the realms of numerology and tarot, guided by two experts who have dedicated their lives to unraveling the mysteries of numbers and cards.

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