• December 22, 2023

“The Best of Both Worlds: Luxury and Affordability in Shilaj, Ahmedabad”

“The Best of Both Worlds: Luxury and Affordability in Shilaj, Ahmedabad”

In India, purchasing a home isn’t merely a transaction; it’s an embodiment of achievement, aspirations, and responsibility. Despite the headwinds caused by the pandemic, 2021 showed promise for India’s real estate sector, with significant momentum especially in the mid-segment housing.

Thanks to government initiatives and a revived interest post-pandemic, housing sales soared. And Ahmedabad’s Shilaj emerged as a crown jewel in this resurgence.

Shilaj: Ahmedabad’s Premier Mid-Segment Residential Hub

Searching for a mid-segment property in Ahmedabad? Shilaj is your answer. Recognized as one of the rapidly expanding residential districts, this western suburb boasts superior infrastructure and swift access to Ahmedabad’s heart. The meticulously designed internal roads further accentuate its appeal, increasing the value of neighboring areas.

Notably, over 40% of mid-segment homes in Shilaj are priced between 40 – 70 lacs. Presently, the 3 BHK apartments dominate buyer preferences.

With its lush greenery and proximity to serene lakes, it’s no surprise that professionals and millennials gravitate here. This demand has spurred developers to embark on ambitious projects, reinforcing Shilaj’s reputation as a haven of scenic allure.

An Overview of Shilaj’s Neighborhood

Potential homeowners prioritize various factors – budget, amenities, infrastructure,and       future growth potential. Here’s why Shilaj ticks all these boxes:

Connectivity: Nestled close to the prestigious Sindhu Bhavan Road, Shilaj has a distinct edge over localities like Thaltej, Bodakdev, and South Bopal.

Entertainment and Retail: The vicinity is dotted with upscale malls, recreational hubs, and retail establishments. Additionally, the Thaltej Flyover ensures Shilaj is accessible from Ahmedabad’s prime zones.

Educational Institutions: Proximity to schools like DPS Bopal, Anand Niketan Shilaj, and Tulip makes it an unparalleled residential choice.

Medical Facilities: The presence of hospitals such as Zydus, Sterling, and Global amplifies its desirability.

Robust Road Network: The S.P. Ring Road and Ambli Road enhance connectivity. Moreover, Shilaj provides swift access to cities like Mehsana, Himmat Nagar, and Gandhinagar.

Shilaj: The Epitome of Modern Living

For the discerning Ahmedabad citizen, Shilaj represents more than just a locality—it symbolizes an elevated way of life. It harmoniously blends urban conveniences with tranquility, promising not only a sanctuary for today but a profitable investment for the future. Its emphasis on sustainable green spaces, state-of-the-art amenities, and community-centric endeavors showcases its stature as an epitome of affordable luxury.

Avirat Infrastructure: Revolutionizing Housing in Shilaj

In Shilaj’s remarkable journey, Avirat Infrastructure stands tall. The legacy, combined with an innovative vision, challenges the conventional norms of affordable housing in

Ahmedabad. Every project underscores Avirat’s dedication to offering residents an

unmatched living standard.

As working with Avirat Infrastructure, I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the remarkable transformation of the Shilaj area. This transformation is not just about the changing landscape but also about the evolving aspirations of its residents and investors.

One of our flagship projects, Silver Brook 2, stands as a testament to this transformation. This project, with its state-of-the-art design and sustainable building practices, represents the new face of urban development. We are not just constructing buildings; we are creating living experiences that resonate with the modern lifestyle while being in harmony with the environment.

The fast-paced development of Shilaj is a result of meticulous planning and the collective vision of all stakeholders involved. It reflects a future-oriented approach, where infrastructure development goes hand in hand with community building and environmental stewardship.

Drashti Patel

Avirat Infrastructure

Why Shilaj is a Must-Consider for Every Ahmedabad

Shilaj exemplifies the future of urban living in Ahmedabad—luxury seamlessly woven with affordability. For those yearning for serenity without seclusion and opulence without ostentation, Shilaj emerges as a beacon. With industry giants like Avirat Infrastructure steering its course, Shilaj’s allure is destined to magnify.

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