• January 11, 2024

Girls in Kashmir Join “HER DREAM HER CODE” Campaign.

Girls in Kashmir Join “HER DREAM HER CODE” Campaign.

Al Hana Babar’s dreamy idea turns into a mini campaign.

 Kashmir: In the enchanting valleys of Kashmir, a profound and transformative story is unfolding, featuring the remarkable Al Hana Babar, a determined class 11 student from Jammu and Kashmir and a beacon of inspiration in the heart of Jammu and Kashmir. Al Hana’s journey is not just an ordinary tale, it’s an extraordinary narrative filled with passion, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to empowering her community.

HER DREAM HER CODE Campaign, spearheaded by Al Hana, is a catalyst for positive change in the lives of young girls in her village. This initiative goes beyond merely encouraging coding, it aims to shatter societal norms and stereotypes, urging girls to explore coding as a viable career option. Al Hana firmly believes in providing every girl the opportunity to dream big and break free from traditional expectations. What sets this, is her unique method of empowerment, she not only advocates for coding but also empowers young girls through the art of drumming. This dual strategy challenges stereotypes and offers a holistic perspective on empowerment, with the rhythmic beats of drums echoing through the village, symbolising the breaking of barriers and the celebration of individual expression.

Al Hana’s personal journey has been marked by challenges, from societal expectations to gender biases. Growing up in Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh and facing challenges of extreme weather, connectivity and limited opportunities, her determination and passion for drumming and coding fuelled her to do more. Al Hana’s story is not just about individual achievement; it’s about creating a path for others to follow. What began as a small movement in a remote village has evolved into HER DREAM HER CODE, a campaign catalysing a cultural shift. It has become a beacon of hope, inspiring young girls across Jammu and Kashmir to dream beyond conventional boundaries. Al Hana’s story resonates with the community, challenging norms and fostering a profound sense of empowerment. The campaign’s impact is not just limited to coding and drumming; it signifies a cultural shift, challenging deeply rooted beliefs and encouraging a broader perspective on what young girls can achieve. HER DREAM HER CODE is more than a campaign; it’s a small movement shaping the future of young girls in Jammu and Kashmir. The ripple effect created by HER DREAM HER CODE is evident in stories of transformation. As participants embrace their dreams, they influence others in their communities, creating a domino effect of empowerment and breaking stereotypes.

Al Hana’s outreach strategies have played a pivotal role in the campaign’s success. Leveraging social media and actively engaging with the community, she has created a dynamic platform for dialogue and support. Collaborations with like-minded organisations and influencers have expanded the reach of HER DREAM HER CODE, ensuring its impact extends far beyond the village. Al Hana’s journey was not without its challenges, overcoming societal norms and gender biases required resilience and unwavering determination. Her story serves as an inspiration for others facing similar hurdles, proving that dreams are achievable with perseverance. HER DREAM HER CODE underscores the significance of dreaming big and finding inspiration in unexpected places. Al Hana’s story challenges the conventional narrative, encouraging readers to reflect on their own aspirations and inspiring them to pursue unconventional paths. Al Hana’s initiatives have garnered significant support within the local community, and her efforts have been acknowledged with recognition and awards, further solidifying the impact of HER DREAM HER CODE. Al Hana Babar at a young age was awarded with the coveted Karmaveer Chakra in association with United Nations.

Looking ahead, Al Hana envisions an even more significant impact for HER DREAM HER CODE. Her plans include writing a book and expanding the campaign to reach more villages and ensuring the sustainability of the movement. Al Hana’s commitment to her community’s empowerment remains unwavering. As a TEDx Speaker and Organizer, Al Hana’s influential TEDx Talk, “Donate a Dream,” has resonated with thinkers worldwide, sparking interest in its revolutionary ideas to change and connect the disconnected world. Her journey from a grade 11 student in Jammu and Kashmir to the driving force behind HER DREAM HER CODE is nothing short of inspirational. Her story emphasises the transformative power of dreams and the importance of breaking societal barriers. As HER DREAM HER CODE continues to echo through the valleys of Kashmir, it stands as a testament to the resilience and empowerment of young girls, proving that dreams can indeed change the world.

Al Hana Babar, a young shepherdess, also skilfully tends to her flock of goats in the picturesque landscapes. Beyond her pastoral responsibilities, Al Hana has embraced the intersection of tradition and technology as a technology intern with the Pashmina Goat Project. In her role as a shepherdess, Al Hana demonstrates a deep connection with the land and her goats, embodying the age-old traditions of tending to these cherished animals in the breathtaking surroundings. The art of shepherding involves not only guiding the goats through the terrain but also ensuring their well-being, health, and the quality of their prized Pashmina wool. Simultaneously, her journey takes a modern turn as she delves into the realm of technology through her internship with the Pashmina Goat Project (which is the most trusted organisation from Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh in multiple categories like Genuine Pashmina Supplier, Handmade Pashmina Manufacturing, Wholesale Pashmina Suppliers, Most Trusted Pashmina Shawl Brand, Pashmina Goat Rearing etc involved in manufacturing, producing, supplying of real and sustainable luxury Pashmina shawls). This innovative initiative likely involves leveraging technology to enhance the breeding, health monitoring, and overall management of Pashmina goats. As a technology intern, Al Hana may contribute to the integration of digital tools and practices, ensuring the sustainable growth and welfare of the Pashmina goat population. The juxtaposition of Al Hana’s roles as a shepherdess and a technology intern reflects the harmonious coexistence of tradition and innovation. It also highlights the adaptability of individuals like Al Hana, who seamlessly navigate both the pastoral and technological landscapes, contributing to the preservation of heritage and the advancement of sustainable practices in the Pashmina industry.

Al Hana, is a firm believer in the transformative power of breaking stereotypes through the combined influence of music and coding. In her vision, she sees a pathway for young girls to transcend societal expectations and achieve empowerment by choosing coding as a career. Her perspective underscores the notion that unconventional choices, such as combining music and coding, can be instrumental in challenging ingrained stereotypes. By embracing both fields, she advocates for a holistic approach to empowerment that goes beyond traditional norms. Music, with its universal language, becomes a medium through which Al Hana aims to inspire young girls. It serves as a tool to break barriers, fostering individual expression and creativity. Through drumming or other musical endeavours, she envisions a space where girls can defy societal expectations and showcase their unique talents. The integration of coding into this narrative adds a layer of modernity and practical skill development. She believes that coding, often perceived as a male-dominated field, can be a game-changer for young girls. By encouraging them to explore and excel in coding, she envisions a future where gender disparities in tech-related careers are dismantled.

For her, the synergy between music and coding is not just a career choice; it’s a means of instilling confidence and empowerment in young girls. Through these unconventional paths, she seeks to inspire them to dream big dreams, transcending the limitations that societal norms may impose. Choosing coding as a career becomes a symbol of empowerment for Al Hana. She sees it as a way for young girls to navigate beyond traditional expectations, demonstrating that they are just as capable and deserving of pursuing careers in technology. By embracing coding, these girls can contribute to reshaping the narrative surrounding women in STEM fields. Her small effort and advocacy for the combined influence of music and coding is a call to action, urging society to recognize and appreciate the diverse talents and aspirations of young girls. It’s a vision where empowerment stems from the freedom to choose unconventional paths, proving that breaking stereotypes can pave the way for dreams to be realised and young girls to emerge as confident, empowered individuals.

Al Hana Babar’s real life story as a trailblazer in her community brings a unique blend of leadership experience and community service through her small yet impactful campaign, HER DREAM HER CODE. Her unwavering commitment to breaking stereotypes is evident in her use of music and drumming to inspire young girls in Kashmir to take control of their future. Al Hana’s campaign serves as a remarkable example of extracurricular activities that transcend conventional norms. Her involvement in this initiative showcases not only her passion for learning but also her dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion. Through HER DREAM HER CODE, Al Hana as a child, has become a beacon of innovative thinking, employing technology proficiency to create a cultural shift in her community. Her passion project has not only contributed to her personal growth but has also set the stage for future goals centred around empowering young girls and fostering teamwork. Recommendations and references from those touched by Al Hana’s impactful work undoubtedly attest to her exceptional leadership qualities and problem-solving skills.

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