• December 7, 2023

Eminent Scholar Dr. Ripu Daman Gulati Achieves Ph.D. in Law at 73, Sheds Light on Privacy Rights in the Digital Era

Nawapara (Kosmi), Chhattisgarh, India – Dr. Ripu Daman Gulati, a distinguished scholar and lifelong learner, has recently been awarded his Ph.D. in Law from ISBM University, Nawapara (Kosmi), Block: Chhura, District: Gariaband, Chhattisgarh, under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Shameem Ahmed Khan, ISBM University, and Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Kurukshetra University. Remarkably achieving this academic feat at the age of 73, Dr. Gulati exemplifies dedication and passion for continuous learning and academic excellence.

His thesis, titled “Protection of Privacy Right in the Digital Era: A Challenge for Right to Life,” represents monumental work in the field of legal studies. It reflects a deep analysis of the evolution of ‘Right to Life’ and ‘Personal Liberty’ from the Magna Carta to India’s Constituent Assembly Debates. Dr. Gulati’s research traverses various legal systems, including those of the UK, USA, and Canada, exploring the protection of these fundamental rights across different governance and judiciary frameworks.

A significant portion of his work delves into the challenges presented by national emergencies, analyzing how rights are upheld or constrained in crisis times. It also examines the power of public interest litigation and the role of the Writ of Habeas Corpus in upholding justice.

In a world increasingly dominated by digital advancements, Dr. Gulati’s thesis aptly addresses the pivotal issue of privacy in the digital era. He proposes a nuanced approach to balance technological progression with the preservation of individual rights, a topic of paramount importance in today’s digital world.

This scholarly endeavor is not just an academic exercise for Dr. Gulati; it is a heartfelt tribute to his late wife, Kamini, who remains a source of inspiration and strength throughout his journey. His work stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to higher education and his dedication to enriching the legal discourse on privacy and personal liberty.

Dr. Ripu Daman Gulati, already an accomplished scholar with a BA, LLB, LLM from Kurukshetra University, and an MBA, continues to inspire with his dedication to lifelong learning. His thesis defense was overseen by Dr. Debashree Chakroborty, HOD Law, Techno India University, Kolkata, West Bengal.

Educational Journey of Dr Ripu Daman Gulati

Dr. Ripu Daman Gulati’s educational journey is a remarkable narrative of lifelong learning and academic versatility. Beginning at Harcourt Butler Senior Secondary School in New Delhi, he laid his foundational knowledge, which led him to G.D. Salwan College, Delhi, for a Bachelor of Arts. This was followed by an LLB from Shia College, Lucknow, where he delved into the legal domain. Further broadening his academic spectrum, Dr. Gulati pursued an MBA, integrating legal insights with business acumen. His educational odyssey culminated in a Ph.D. in Law from ISBM University, Nawapara (Kosmi), Chhattisgarh, at the age of 73, where he contributed significantly to the discourse on privacy rights in the digital era. His journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to education and intellectual exploration across diverse disciplines.

Career Journey of Dr Ripu Daman Gulati

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Dr. Gulati’s exceptional achievement at the age of 73 serves as an inspiration to scholars and students worldwide, proving that age is no barrier to academic and intellectual pursuit

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